How to improve your pronunciation in a few days!

DialoguE Pronunciation Techniques

Communicating is responding to someone else’s message or eliciting a reaction from them. How can you get a reaction if you cannot make yourself understood? Making grammatically correct sentences is not enough: the outcome can be disastrous if the pronunciation or the intonation is wrong.

How often have we noticed that we were misunderstood, although we were speaking perfectly correctly?

We have developed, for all the languages we teach, an extremely effective method for improving pronunciation.

The DialoguE approach, whatever your level and whichever the language you are studying, ‘prepares your mouth’ by improving your listening comprehension and teaching you the correct articulation points. Exercises focused on your specific difficulties will help you to learn the new articulation points and make them feel more natural to you.

Thank to this method, you will rapidly improve your rhythm and your intonation.

You will learn the correct pronunciation of sounds that are close and interchangeable in your mother tongue, but whose differentiation is vital in the foreign language. You will learn to correctly pronounce words with silent letters, etc.

Despite all the efforts you have made and despite all the lessons you have had elsewhere, you are getting a little desperate, feeling you will never be able to make yourself understood easily in your target language. DialoguE will help you to improve your pronunciation to a comfortable and perfectly acceptable level in the language you are studying.

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