Your Testimonials about our Intensive English Immersion Courses

Evariste LODI Okitombahe

Technical Advisor of BTC Project in Senegal

After spending a lot of time on the Internet looking for a good school for an English immersion course, I found that the excellent program of Dialogue was the one I needed for my English studies.

I discovered a lovely small town and was impressed by a hearty welcome to my foster home, a pleasant environment and a nice room that provided all I needed for a comfortable stay and a total immersion experience in English. Checking the folder on my desk, I had all the information that I needed for my stay. During the two weeks, nothing was left to chance: the program of my training was marvellously designed, taking into account my specific learning needs. The varied and delicious meals were all opportunities to practise English.

Beyond the human qualities of my teachers, I enormously appreciated their teaching skills and their eagerness to help me to improve my English. 

Finally, I did not learn only English during my stay. Sincerely, I learnt a lot more than I had expected to. My big wish is to get the opportunity for a new stay in the future. For those who are interested in a similar experience, I am sure that there is no better place.

Thanks to Tatiana and Andy for all they did for me, specially the learning strategies they gave me to improve my English.

Andreas Akeret


The training at Dialogue Languages fullfilled all my expectations.

My aim was to brush up my English, which was achieved through individually designed lessons, delivered by a highly qualified teacher.

The focus was set on the most important topics in order to reach the maximum amount of progress.

I strongly recommend Dialogue Languages.

Elisa Gaudio

Gej Consulting

I spent two weeks at Dialogue and I think that was the right length for this kind of training.

The main advantages of this course are the all-day contact with your teachers and the chance to be totally immersed in the language.

The place is in a quiet environment and it is very friendly. It does not offer too many distractions from your studies and it is very relaxing.

The Dialogue course is also very personalised and offers you a set of “learning tools” you can use once back home.

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