DialoguE Language Immersion Courses

Amazingly Rapid Progress

Whether your objective is to improve your listening comprehension or pronunciation, to expand your vocabulary, to make substantial progress in your fluency or to overcome the feeling of stagnation that has set in despite your best efforts to improve your level, DialoguE holds the key to your success.

What is an ideal learning environment?

One of real … dialogue. In a friendly family atmosphere, the most common obstacles to learning begin to disappear: complexes, anguish, stress, fear of failure.

To reach their objectives quickly, learners need to be individually coached at every moment. Once they feel liked, respected and listened to, they rapidly develop their self-confidence, and will no longer be afraid of making mistakes.

The role of the coach is to nurture this self-confidence, and if necessary, to turn a feeling of inferiority into one of superiority, thus enabling the learners to take control. It is also the role of the coach to make the students independent as soon as possible by giving them the tools they need in order to evaluate themselves. The art of a coach lies in being able to adapt to each learner’s rhythm, to generate interest in them, and to help them get full return on their investment of time and energy in the target language.

In a nutshell, it is all about motivating the learners, teaching them how to learn with pleasure and meeting their individual needs. Each of us is spurred on by a different need: the need to do well, the need to master new tasks and the need to excel. Motivation is our source of energy, and a motivated learner is a gifted one.

Unique DialoguE Hospitality

In a convivial, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you learn far more quickly than you could possibly imagine, a fact confirmed by DialoguE students.

A Convivial Atmosphere

At DialoguE, you are bathed in hospitality and treated as an integral part of the family. We are attentive to all aspects of your stay. Your private room offers all the necessary comforts and facilities. Our meals, greatly appreciated by all, take your eating habits and your preferences into account. During breaks, meals and evenings, there is always a DialoguE team member with you for conversation about subjects that interest you. We welcome only a handful of students (1 or 2) each week to ensure that you feel truly at home.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the DialoguE hospitality. In all DialoguE Centres, you will find a convivial atmosphere where communicating in a foreign language becomes a pleasure.

True Immersion

To achieve your objectives quickly and with a minimum of effort, you need not only a friendly atmosphere but also full immersion in the target language.

That is why DialoguE offers you a true immersion programme, unlike many other institutes that offer only partial immersion. From 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. you are fully immersed in the target language.

All DialoguE Centres are located in areas where the target language is the mother tongue. You can only learn a language well by living it. Without ‘living and breathing’ the language, you will never fully master and assimilate it.

Virtues Of Complete Immersion

During your total immersion at DialoguE, the new language will stop sounding alien and foreign to you. You will communicate naturally, to the point of forgetting your mother tongue.

You will no longer translate, you will think directly in your new language. And you will be proficient and effective. Translating can lead to many misunderstandings. Immersion will help you avoid these uncomfortable situations.

This language ‘bath’ is also a rejuvenating bath. You will feel like a fish in water. Not only will you save considerable time, you will also learn without being conscious of it. This demanding learning phase will become a pleasant experience. Your motivation, which you thought you had lost, will return.

And, you will ask yourself why you waited so long before learning a language well, that is to say ‘in complete immersion’.

An Unforgettable Stay

The expression ‘tailor-made’ is not used loosely at DialoguE. Your course is fully personalised, as is your stay. We do our utmost to ensure that the time you spend with us is as profitable and as pleasant as possible. We are confident that you, too, will speak of your DialoguE stay for a long time, and that you, too, will describe it as ‘unforgettable’.

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