Q. Your work with Harvard professors is impressive, but I want to learn to understand the everyday language. How can I jump-start my comprehension level over a short stretch of time?

A. That's a good question.

It's not easy to communicate if you can hardly understand what other people are saying.

To achieve quick, tangible results in this area, we've put into place a unique oral comprehension method.

Your ear - despite every effort on your part - doesn't naturally hear all the sounds of your target language.

If you can't even hear the sounds in the first place, you cannot be expected to reproduce them.

In only one week we can change your ear. (Don't worry, there's no pain, no actual surgery!)

The fact is, you've already had a lifetime of ear training in your own language that tends to come in the way of your ability to hear in the target language.

With our method, after a few hours, you'll be a little child again.

Your open ears will once again have the child's ability to distinguish between words (such as, in French, le bain, le banc, and le bon) that previously sounded identical to your ears, but that have obvious differences to the trained ear or to the native speaker.

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