Q. How many people will be in my group at DialoguE?

A. Just one. You. And no one else.

The heart of DialoguE's philosophy is total personalization.

At DialoguE, you will never have to adapt to any preconceived system. Rather, we adapt to the way you learn best.

You won't have to adjust to general (and often impersonal) learning programs.

As in other schools, you will make progress in general language and communications skills, but you'll also focus on and achieve your own communications objectives.

Every moment of instruction at DialoguE is A La Carte, molded to your learning style, and especially to the specialized vocabulary or subject matter you need to know in the target language.

We've earned a valuable reputation internationally for intensive, effective, and ultra-rapid preparatory work for specific business objectives (conferences, negotiations on specific issues, seminars, meetings, speeches, press conferences and interviews).

DialoguE is a restaurant where YOU write the menu. If you wish, we can even put aside general language study and concentrate solely on the specific material you suggest.

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