Language Course Comparison Table

How to choose your language course well

It is certainly difficult to compare the plethora of language courses on the market. They all claim to be excellent, exceptionally efficient, and, at least the more reputable ones, also offer complete immersion in the target language.

It therefore becomes necessary to compare what is on offer systematically. You will find below a table that will enable you to do this. It will help you to more clearly see and compare what each of your chosen language schools offers.

If you cannot find the relevant information in the literature or website of your chosen schools, do not hesitate to contact them. It is important to make an informed choice, knowing exactly what the price includes and what are the supplements that are not included in the basic price.

Language Course Comparison Table

Private lessons Yes    
Lessons on site Yes (at the residence)    
Number of private lessons per day 4 to 8    
Number of students per group 1    
Required language level None (complete beginner to bilingual)    
Length of initial test 15 minutes    
Length of final test 15 minutes    
Personalised course Yes, fully    
Tailor-made course Yes, designed for you and with you    
A-la-Carte course Yes, you choose the length of your course, number and content of lessons etc.    
Adaptation to your learning style Yes, completely    
Vocabulary content Your choice    
Situational content Your choice    
Native or non-native? Only native    
Teachers’ training Trained by DialoguE    
Teachers’ Qualifications University degrees    
Change of level In 5 days    
Vocabulary assimilated per week 2000 to 2500 words (DialoguE method)    
Tangible improvement of listening comprehension In 5 days (DialoguE Method)    
Tangible improvement of pronunciation In 5 days (DialoguE Method)    
Complete Immersion Yes, from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.    
Number of hours per week 70 hours    
Number of students per week 1 to 2    
Ratio of native-speakers to learners Breaks : 1 native to 1 learner
Meals : 1 native to 1 learner
In the country where the language is spoken? Yes, only    
FULL PRICE (Course + full-board accommodation from Monday to Friday)
4 private lessons / day EUR 3550    
5 private lessons / day EUR 3850    
6 private lessons / day EUR 4150    
7 private lessons / day EUR 4450    
8 private lessons / day EUR 4750    
CD recording of personalised course content Yes, included in price    
Supplementary post course CDs (vocabulary and grammar) Yes, included in price    
Enrolment fee Included in price    
Final evaluation and written report Yes, included in price    
Access to media library (newspapers, magazines, books, DVDs) Yes, included in price    
Accommodation Yes, included in price    
Single room & private bathroom Yes, included in price    
Meals Yes, of high quality Included in price    
Drinks Yes, included in price (breaks and meals)    
Wi-Fi connection in room Yes, included in price    
TV / DVD in room Yes, included in price    
Arrival the night before Yes, for a supplement    
Personalised welcome at airport or train station Yes, for a supplement    
  E-mail or phone call    
  E-mail or phone call    
  E-mail or phone call    
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