How to improve your oral comprehension in a few days

By all accounts, the major obstacle in learning a foreign language is listening comprehension. Communicating is responding to someone else’s message or eliciting a reaction from them. How can you then respond if you have not understood or misunderstood the message?

How often have we not understood what we have been told, although we knew all the words the other person was using?

Without having tuned our ears into the target language, making progress in a foreign language is at best laborious, and at worst impossible. Most language teaching methods attach insufficient importance to this major difficulty faced by the learner. They may often insist too much on pronunciation, ignoring the fact that you cannot pronounce what you cannot hear.

The ‘filters‘ installed by our mother tongue stop us from hearing the differences between certain sounds that native speakers of that language distinguish easily.

For instance, English speakers can hardly hear, if at all, certain differences that are quite distinct in other languages. For example, the French, the German and the Dutch distinguish between ‘u’ and ‘ou’, or have several sounds for the letter ‘e’ (é, è, eu, e), etc.

Unfortunately these are not just isolated cases. Communication problems arising from this type of difficulty are galore.

The DialoguE Approach, whatever your level and whichever the language you are studying, will eliminate, right from the start, all the filters installed by your mother tongue, which are a major handicap to you. Thanks to this Approach, your progress will be spectacular.

Of course, there is also the option of ‘sound machines’, which are less friendly, and which, in order to restore your ‘childhood ears’, will bombard you with different wavelengths. Their manufacturers guarantee tangible progress after 30 hours.

The DialoguE Approach, which is more pragmatic and more centred around your needs and your specific difficulties, will take much less time: generally 8 hours spread over 5 days.

The definite advantage of our Approach is that by the end of the 8 hours, our method will also have ‘prepared your mouth’ by teaching you the appropriate articulation points of the unfamiliar sounds of the target language. This is what cannot be done using a ‘sound machine’.

In a few days then, the DialoguE Approach truly "prepares" your ears and enables you to make yourself understood better. In a few days, you will be communicating efficiently.

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