Insist on a true full immersion language course

Intensive, Personalised 'One to One' Language Courses in French or English

What is a true full immersion language course?

Learning a language without immersion can feel like an illusion. You make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time learning the language, and you're disappointed: the results do not meet your expectations. You have decided to learn a language without immersing yourself in it. This could easily lead to disappointment.

Many methods, on the Internet or elsewhere, promise you bells and whistles. Watch out: You do not really learn a language except in immersion. Why?


Dialogue True Immesrion

Choose round-the-clock immersion


DialoguE True Complete Immersion

Only a full immersion program will save us time and money, and allow us to progress quickly. Opt for an institute that offers a true complete immersion (from breakfast right through to late evening) and private lessons. In one week at DialoguE, you will accomplish the same amount of progress as in a whole school year.
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