Q. All the schools talk about the benefits of Total Immersion. How does DialoguE view this?

A. Total immersion sounds great, but the question remains, total immersion in what?

Hearing the target language for a week instead of your own is a fine idea, but true immersion, the Dialogue way, is so much more.

To ensure true immersion, DialoguE accepts only a handful of participants (our term of choice) each week, who immediately become part of the family, all in the target language environment.

At meals, during breaks, after dinner, native speakers always predominate at DialoguE.

At many other schools the ratio is just the reverse, with a single instructor for up to ten students.

DialoguE dinner-table conversation is the real thing, not student or tourist talk.

On weekends, participants aren't left to their own devices; DialoguE people are always there to show them around and to satisfy their curiosity as tourists.

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