Your Testimonials about our Intensive German Immersion Courses

Richard Miller

Sales Manager
Industrial Scientific Winter

"Many thanks to you and your group of instructors at the Meersburg DialoguE Academy.

I found the course to be perfect for my needs.

Having no previous experience in German, I was immensely pleased with the foundation I was given in speaking and understanding German.

As a beginner, the pace was challenging and rigorous, but gave me exactly the foundation I was looking for.

The instructors pushed me to learn, but also were patient and helpful as I encountered challenging steps in learning German. While I still have a huge amount to learn, the amount I have learned is amazing considering that I had no prior experience with the German language.

I particularly appreciated the attention given to my learning style, so that I could learn the grammar and structure I need for further study on my own.

Also, the attention given to vocabulary and concepts for my business sector was very well done. You all get extra credit points for that.

Well done!"

Suzanne Williams

JCB Vibromax
Gatersleben, Germany

"The German course that I attended at Meersburg DialoguE Academy was excellent in all aspects of my learning.

I believe that I have made great progress in the short time that I have been here and would highly recommend it.

Everything about the course worked perfectly and I can’t thank MAC and Claudie enough! I hope to come back soon!"

Claire Franklin

Deloitte MCS Ltd
Zurich, Switzerland

"The DialoguE course was perfect - the right level, good exercises throughout and excellent teachers.

I would definitely recommend it to beginners and for all level."

Stephen Ahern

Marketing and Sales

"Great intensive German course!

Very professional and dedicated teachers.

An atmosphere that cannot be beaten for studying."

Conrad Clark

Regisseur in Berlin

"DialoguE Claudie's German course in Meersburg is a big deal.

Fantastic teachers that know how to tailor make a course for you; warm and friendly guest house to stay in and a gorgeous quite small town to interact with.

You won't be disappointed, and probably you will be surprised how much German these three factors will bring out of you."

David Daout

Effik S.A.
Nyon, Switzerland

"I could not imagine that I will do so much progress learning German in two weeks, but this is what happened in Meersburg DialoguE Academy.

Now I am dreaming in German (pleasant dreams natürlich!)."

Melanie Andrews

Syngenta Crop Protection AG

"I think the teachers at DialoguE MAC know how to get the best out of their pupils, yet also make learning German seem easy and enjoyable.

Meersburg is a lovely place to learn."

Nathan Jones

Deloitte MCS Ltd
Zurich, Switzerland

"The total German immersion at DialoguE MAC was great, meaning that we heard, spoke and understood everything in German from the start. Progress was very rapid and I was having a conversation with a local in the wine house on Thursday.

Excellent teaching and learning!"

Mari Salovaar

AirPlus International Ltd

"Thank you for making my week so productive, informative and nice!

You do an excellent job and I wish you all the best!"


"We did have some budget left which had to be used by the end of the year. But there were so many other training requirements that I did not get to come to DialoguE Meersburg. Instead, I was enrolled for a 1 week intensive course with a local provider near our offices which meant 7 hours of training Monday - Friday but no over-night stay and so on - hence the cost was considerably cheaper.

It was not as good as the course I had with you. It was not total immersion as each afternoon I went home and spoke again only English. It was also almost all grammar so I got no experience in conversations or anything practical - so I don't actually think that it helped me very much. I still remember much more from my FUN (but tough) training in DialoguE Meersburg.

Of course grammar is important but what is the use of me knowing the order of verbs, accusatives and so on if I have no words to use!!!???

The teachers were of course very nice but it was more like being "at school" than actually identifying what I needed to learn and tailor-making the lessons for my purpose. On the last day I said "No more grammar" and said that I needed some practical phrases but of course then it was almost too late. Pity really.

I often think of you all and hope that one day I can visit DialoguE Meersburg."

Diane Black

General Manage
Johnson & Johnson

"Fantastic week at MAC. Really pleased with my progress and particularly my confidence with speaking.

The course was completely tailored to my needs, both in terms of content and schedule (Tuesday - Saturday), which I appreciated.

Really worth the cost ."

Shane Gaffney

SVP Technology Solutions
Deutsche Telekom

"Returning to Meersburg feels for me like coming home.

Not only I am delighted with hte progress I've made with my German, the social experience is fun, memorable and enriching.

I leave MAC with a new level od confidence to work through German. It's been a pleasure...again!"

John Honey

Hoffmann La Roche

"Claudie and her team were wonderful in providing a holistic experience!

The methods of teaching Deutsch were very effective and fun.

I really appreciate the time we spent together experiencing Meersburg."

Peter Halliday - Siemens Schweiz


"I am surprised on how quickly I have picked up the basics.

Must be due to the professional teaching and learning environment provided.

Will recommend to others.

Meersburg is a surprisingly wonderful town to host the MAC Learning Academy."

Shane Gaffney

Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions
Deutsche Telekom AG

"I had the good fortune to immerse myself in the intensive MAC German language course.

I had little idea what was in store other than knowing I needed to quickly boost my proficiency ahead in starting a new role in German-speaking work environment.

Not only was I delighted with the level of progress I made with my command of the language but I was particularly impressed by the skill of the various tutors, the customised and dynamic learning approach and the challenging yet highly supporting environment.

Moreover the overall experience was so much richer than I anticipated.

I was warmly welcomed by my gracious hosts into the eclectic Meersburg community and I was introduced to the beauty of the Bodensee and ist surrounds.

The MAC experience is truly unforgettable!"

Philip Wilson

Zurich Insurance Group

"My wife and I were new to German and made fantastic progress.

We loved the town of Meersburg and the accommodation but most of all our teachers were wonderful and extremely skilled.

We will definitely recommend MAC to friends and colleagues as the best place to learn German and just have a great time!"

Rosemary Lark

Consultant "Financial Crimes Compliance"

"I would highly recommend this Academy to any one, at any level, interested in improving their language capability.

The one-on-one intensive instruction was absolutely terrific and the instructor very skilled (and patient!).

Lots of work but lots of fun also." 

Sara N. Walentowicz

Senior Infosec Engineer
Marine Corps Programs

"I highly recommend the language immersion course at MAC; the quality of the classes and teaching staff is exceptional.

The course is tailored to your learning style and pace, and I found the grammar and pronunciation lessons extremely beneficial.

The teachers offer a valuable and sincere guidance, and create an encouraging environment for you to excel.

Additionally the evening excursions provide an excellent opportunity to apply the course instruction to real-world German conversations.

Herzlichen Dank Claudie, Claudia, Anette und Michael!"

Lovette Coston

Head HR BI and Reporting Governance,
Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel

"My time with Claudie and her team was fantastic!

It was a great environment for learning German.

The whole team spoke at my level and my confidence grew throughout the week.

Thanks for helping me speak!!!"

Sonia Maycock

DOW Chemicals

"The Academy is excellent.

All staff are very professional, friendly and attentive.

The Programme is varied and tailored to my Needs.

The excursions have been very interesting and I will recommend the Academy to others.

Claudie is a treasure!"

Denise Woolfries


"A fantastic week!

At no time I made to feel put down, wrong or embarrassed.

I have ended the week feeling I can (eventually) become fluent in the German language."

Mariam Sultani

Management of CILAG
Johnson & Johnson

"I absolutely appreciated the intensity and the professionalism!

The professors were excellent and interesting!

It was really hard and stressful, which I loved!

I really thank you for being tough! On time, per schedule, serious program."

Scott Boothey

Managing Director Germany
DOW Crop Science,
Austria & Switzerland

"I enjoyed the experience.

It was a lot of fun which kept me engaged and learnig even more.

Great location, great place, great People, great way of learning.

I'll be back!"

Jonathan Abbis


"A great school location and environment to learn German.

The personalization of the courses and the total immersion allowed me to make great progress in two weeks."

Anthony Stowers

SVP, Recombinant Protein Development R&D,
CSL Behring

"The one-on-one interactions were great.

At no stage did Claudia, Edda or Claudie give me any sign of frustration or impatience as you struggle for words - just carefully and cheerfully helping, correcting pronunciation and providing the missing pieces.

A very worthwhile experience."

Margaret Greenleaf

Group Head Employee Relations, HR Business Partner for Group HR,
Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland

"I found this program Special because not only was I in German 24/7, but I felt I was also part of the community and not just attending a School."

Richard Maycock

Richard Maycock,
DOW Chemicals

"My time at MAC was very valuable to me.

It gave me a real push and confidence in the German language.

The Content and the teaching methods allowed me to Progress significantly in a short time.

The whole week was run with great professionalism."

Herbert Talei

Strategy and Business Services Leader
DOW Chemicals

"MAC offers a very stimulating and personal service.

The teachers are all engaging and knowledgeable and they can really adapt to your needs and wishes.

The combination of theory and real-life situations is superb and after only 5 days I am able to converse and understand German.

Es war wunderbar! Danke!"

Gaspar Gayoso

CILAG Schaffhausen

"The course is customized for your skills and time.

They maximize the time to speak and to listen German which helped so much.

Everyone was very welcoming and so nice.

Overall it was a great learning experience and an excellent experience."

John May

CEO SwissQual AG
Rohde & Schwarz

"As I had not been in school or college for 40 years, I was worried about the challenge of this intensive teaching, and my ability to cope.

I need not have worried, as the method and style are cleverly put together, and the one to one teaching is flexible to cope with progress, failings, frustration and joy.

We also had laughter and good company in the most beautiful location and relaxed atmosphere.

They work you hard, as they should, but in a nice way - highly recommended!."

Thea Marcoux

Director of Marketing
Schott Advanced Optics

"Benjamin Franklin once said: an investment in knowledge pays the best interest".

When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than an Investment in your education.

Make the best investment you can in yourself with Claudie and the Team at Meersburg Academy.

This is an investment in your education that will last a lifetime."

Martin Coates

CEO Swissqual
Rohde & Schwarz

"The pace and structure of the course makes it easy to absorb the language.

The staff are very forgiving of mistakes and engage in interesting conversations to illustrate the use of words."

David Avery

Transition Consulting
Zürich, Switzerland

"When I first came to MAC, I had learned some German, but had no confidence.

I spoke more German on the first day than I had in 3 years in Switzerland.

I now can't wait to practice and learn more."

Ali Siddiqui

DOW Europe
Horgen, Switzerland

"I had a great week at MAC.

Coming without any knowledge, it was an exceptional experience.

The teachers were very considerate of my requirements and taught me to speak and listen German!

Thanks a lot!"

Sikko van Katwijk

Managing Board
KAS Bank

" MAC is 100% personalised language training.

After one week of full 24/7 training the results are outstanding!"

Kellie Crawford

Novartis Pharma

"Claudie has put together an excellent and well-rounded training course.

This was exactly what I was looking for.

The pace of learning was perfect and all the trainers (Claudie, Edda and Christiane) were really nice and extremely patient with me.

I also enjoyed the many cultural events in the evening. Meersburg is a perfect place!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone!"

Alice Arnold


"I really enjoyed my time with MAC.

I have learnt so much and my German has dramatically improved!

Claudie and Michael were extremely welcoming and made my stay even better.

Thanks for everything!"

Kathleen Filngleton

"MAC has thought of everything and offers a very fine blend of high professionalism and thoroughly individual teaching.

All of the lessons focused very precisely on my needs and it was good to have three different teachers – it exposed me to three different voices in German and their individual approaches allowed them to concentrate on different things.

Moreover, they had all lived abroad and knew at first hand what it is like to face problems of everyday communication in another language, however apparently good your purely academic knowledge.

The atmosphere was wonderful, very personal and friendly, and it was a very intelligent idea to have Claudie’s husband join us for meals.

It made for a much more natural conversation than would have been possible with just me and the teacher and I learnt a lot more idiom because of that.

I’ve never enjoyed a language course so much and it was worth every penny."

Sam Oldroyd

European Sales Manager
Grounforce Shorco, England

"This is my second course at MAC which demonstrates I enjoyed the courses.

I started with absolutely no German and have enough German to do basic conversations and E-mails.

MAC has given me the building stocks so that I can develop my German language skills."

Rebecca Berlinger, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich

Senior Manager
Zürich, Switzerland

"Claudie chose the perfect topics for us to concentrate on to make the most of the course, thank you!."

Dr. Raquel Vinci

Zurich, Switzerland

"In one week and a half in this course I have learned German - and with this I mean the language, culture, traditions, gastronomy etc.

A very nice experience to have when one learns a new language."

Robert Allen

Marketing Manager
Borg Warner Cadillac

"I needed a comprehensive German language program that could recognize my current level of proficiency in order to provide a quantum leap forward – all in one week.

The MAC program in Meersburg did just that.

The lessons were relevant to my needs and progressively structured.

The MAC staff was highly interactive, which added a great deal of satisfaction and fun for me to learn.

The German week was comprehensive and included dining, lodging and experiencing much local culture.

I highly recommend this academy and its program. It was well worth it!"

Giles Steiger

Zurich, Switzerland

"The course was very good to awaken my schoolboy German.

It concentrated on practical conversation with enough grammar and vocabulary to remember.

It is a very good foundation for continuing to learn at home."

Craig Jones

Community of practice project management
Dräger AG & Co

"I found the course method and the interact of the teachers extremely good.

My "Grammatik" was terrible and they were able to quickly see my mistakes, learnt more and practical more at MAC than 2-3 years because I was forced to."

Alejandrina Gillard

Director Station Airport Vienna
Air France-KLM

"The immersion program was excellent from food, education, culture to comfort.

I am leaving with an excellent understanding of the German language and culture.

Vielen Dank!"

James Berwick

Global Purchasing Manager
Syngenta Crop Protection
Basel, Switzerland

"The German I have learnt has given me the start I needed to continue studies further and develop confidence quickly."

Paula Emediato

VOITH Siemens Hydro Kraftwerkstechnik
Heidenheim an der Brenz

"This is not just a language course, it is a life course!

We learnt about the food, the history, customs, daily life…and that the language can really be alive!

If that alone would not already have been wonderful, we also had the chance to get to know very interesting people with amazing backgrounds and life experiences."

Sam Yankelevitch

Prettl Electric Corp
South Carolina, USA

"I feel I made extreme progress in a natural way by using the German language in daily communication.

The program is well thought out and driven by a very professional team.

Well worth the time and money!"

Paul Metcalf

Los Angeles,
California, USA

"I have had many German teachers in the past, but none so good as here in Meersburg – the professionalism is second-to-none with a massive knowledge and ability to teach such a difficult language.

MAC is an excellent place to further your German knowledge."

Walter Ferguson

Hoffman-La Roche

"I found my week in Meersburg with private lessons to be much more productive and worthwhile compared to former group classes in USA.

Also the accommodation for both classes and living arrangements to be equal and accompanied by excellent hospitality."

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