Your Testimonials about our Intensive German Immersion Courses


We did have some budget left which had to be used by the end of the year. But there were so many other training requirements that I did not get to come to DialoguE Meersburg. Instead, I was enrolled for a 1 week intensive course with a local provider near our offices which meant 7 hours of training Monday - Friday but no over-night stay and so on - hence the cost was considerably cheaper.

It was not as good as the course I had with you. It was not total immersion as each afternoon I went home and spoke again only English. It was also almost all grammar so I got no experience in conversations or anything practical - so I don't actually think that it helped me very much. I still remember much more from my FUN (but tough) training in DialoguE Meersburg.

Of course grammar is important but what is the use of me knowing the order of verbs, accusatives and so on if I have no words to use!!!???

The teachers were of course very nice but it was more like being "at school" than actually identifying what I needed to learn and tailor-making the lessons for my purpose. On the last day I said "No more grammar" and said that I needed some practical phrases but of course then it was almost too late. Pity really.

I often think of you all and hope that one day I can visit DialoguE Meersburg.

Claire Franklin

Deloitte MCS Ltd

The course was perfect - the right level, good exercises throughout and excellent teachers.

I would definitely recommend it to beginners and for all level.

Stephen Ahern

Umedic GmbH

Great intensive German course!

Very professional and dedicated teachers.

An atmosphere that cannot be beaten for studying.

Conrad Clark

Regisseur in Berlin

DialoguE Claudie's German course in Meersburg is a big deal.

Fantastic teachers that know how to tailor make a course for you; warm and friendly guest house to stay in and a gorgeous quite small town to interact with.

You won't be disappointed, and probably you will be surprised how much German these three factors will bring out of you.

David Daout

Effik S.A.

I could not imagine that I will do so much progress learning German in two weeks, but this is what happened in Meersburg Dialogue Academy.

Now I am dreaming in German (pleasant dreams natürlich!)

Melanie Andrews

Syngenta Crop Protection AG

I think the teachers at DialoguE MAC know how to get the best out of their pupils, yet also make learning German seem easy and enjoyable.

Meersburg is a lovely place to learn.

Nathan Jones

Deloitte MCS Ltd

The total German immersion @DialoguE MAC was great, meaning that we heard, spoke and understood everything in German from the start. Progress was very rapid and I was having a conversation with a local in the wine house on Thursday.

Excellent teaching and learning!

Mari Salovaar

AirPlus International Ltd

Thank you for making my week so productive, informative and nice!

You do an excellent job and I wish you all the best!

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