Do you wish to learn a language quickly and well?
Do you wish to make maximum progress in a minimum amount of time?

DialoguE guarantees you:

An ideal setting:

  • The best welcome: professional, courteous and competent
  • An environment conducive to study: unacademic, calm, pleasant, comfortable, friendly
  • Quality personalised service respecting your dietary needs
  • Constant attention, follow-up and guidance
  • A relaxed mood that encourages you to express yourself throughout the day
  • A pleasant atmosphere of immersion in the language you are learning

An unparalleled study programme:

  • One-to-one lessons, made-to-measure and completely personalised
  • A fast and effective strategy to help you achieve ambitious goals
  • Continual adaptation to your level, rhythm and learning style
  • Regular assessment of your satisfaction, immediate consideration of your suggestions
  • Qualified, enthusiastic and motivated teachers who specialise in teaching adults
  • A unique, motivating, interactive teaching approach


  • An incomparable time gain
  • Impressive, measurable, long lasting progress
  • Self-confidence and enhanced fluency
  • The right answer to your professional and linguistic needs
  • Success in examinations, entrance tests and job interviews
  • The immense pleasure of speaking of a new language

DialoguE: Your expectations are our commitments

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