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French Immersion in Spa (Ardennes)
French Immersion in Brittany or in Switzerland
Spanish Immersion in Barcelona
Dutch Immersion in Maastricht
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Language immersion course you will

Best Language Immersion Course

Dutch Immersion Course
English Imersion Course
French Immersion Course
Spanish Immersion Course

You are unique ...

The ideal training
has a personal touch

corresponding to

  • your personality,
  • your individual needs
  • your unique expectations.

As Socrates put it, progress is quickest and more spectacular when there is a direct dialogue between teacher and learner.

DialoguE Intensive Immersion Courses
where the Language
is Spoken

not find elsewhere

(Wall Street Journal)

Amazingly Rapid Progress
Best Language Immersion Course (WSJ)
True Immersion
Virtues Of Complete Immersion

... and so is your way of learning.

our method :

  • your gifts, aptitudes, and unconscious knowledge are best brought out
  • self-confidence is established in the first lessons
  • you save time: you only learn what interests you
  • pleasure and motivation are always part of your learning environment.



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