Your Testimonials about our Intensive Spanish Immersion Courses

Lin Harwood

Adela is a committed, patient teacher who quickly created a climate of mutual respect in classes where no time was wasted. Her teaching style is lively and compelling. This made it easy to concentrate for long periods of time. My attention never wandered even when tired (and intensive, one to one study was tiring!)

I had a quiet, spacious, pleasant 'granny flat' which provided a peaceful environment for study, without distractions, and a comfortable place for rest. Outside lesson times I was free to be alone as much as I wished.

I was warmly welcomed into family life and never felt like an intruder. Adults and children were supportive and kind. Adela's mother and husband were generous in spending time talking with me in Spanish. They encouraged me to speak and made me feel at ease when I made mistakes and struggled to express myself. Mealtimes were excellent with superb food and a congenial and relaxed atmosphere.

Classes were intense and tiring; private study tasks difficult and demanding; concentrating on listening to and speaking Spanish at mealtimes and 'rest' periods was exhausting... but, much to my surprise, the week was enjoyable and not stressful.

Immersion as way of learning Spanish was effective. I learned more than I could have imagined and it was a pleasure. I could not have asked for more.


The teacher illustrate the core components of the spanish language and how to utilize it. But what makes this course worth while is that you develop at your own speed since you are the only student.

In addition you have an opportunity of being with a family in Barcelona for 4 weeks gives an unique insight on the perspective of the Spanish culture in all aspect from language to food.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is truly willing to learn spanish. Before I started the course I had little or no command of the Spanish language. However by the time the course finished, I was able to speak Spanish at an acceptable level.

I have learned more here and able to utilize more spanish than an entire year at university. It is worth it.

Luc Vanbecelaere

I would like to thank the DialoguE team in Spa and in Barcelona for my superb week Spanish immersion experience last week.

Although I booked late the organization and the hospitality went smoothly.

Please convey my thanks to Adela for her patience and effective teaching method. The course was tough but very rewarding. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to Manolo and Nani for their hospitality as well as the entertaining discussions and the gentle corrections of my Spanish during the many spanish meals (desayuno, almuerzo,comida ,merienda & cena).

All the best until I see you the next time.

Janel Sharma

My experience at DialoguE was everything I had hoped for.

In five days, I was able to re-learn all of the grammatical structures I had forgotten after an 8 year absence from taking Spanish courses in school. I also improved my listening comprehension significantly due to the fact that I was surrounded by a Spanish speaking family for the entire week who went out of their way to speak to me clearly and make sure that I understood what they were saying, whether it was at the dinner table, while watching TV, or passing in the hallway.

The accommodations were wonderful as I had my own little apartment on the garden level of their house where I could relax after long days of learning, and the food was amazing!

I would definitely recommend DialoguE to my friends and hope to return in the near future.

John Paul Lussow

MBA student

I have attended DialoguE twice and would do so again if the opportunity presents itself.

Before I came for the first time, I spent over 30 hours researching schools on the Internet. I could not find any other schools that were as comprehensive in their approach and methods as DialoguE. In order to really learn a language, most people understand that the best way is to think and live the language as much as possible. This is central to the methodology of DialoguE.

Moreover, the process of learning a language is not solely incumbent on the student. The teachers must be motivated and love the process of teaching. At DialoguE, the team is extremely knowledgeable and effective at their job.

Dan Rayes

Oil Engineer

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to learn Spanish in an environment perfect for me.

Up to now, I have been forgetting Spanish as fast as I learned it. Now I feel I learned so much in this one week that for sure I will keep it going by speaking Spanish with my wife.

I especially liked the social conversation that came along with the great meals.

Juergen Plotz

Railway Engineer,

I have studied several languages, buy have not experienced progress like I did in Barcelona. 

Lea Malcolm

Property Development

To learn a new language requires dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of both student and teacher. The DialoguE Team has all this in abundance.

Alan Weiss

Based on the former students' comments, I felt confident that the course at DialoguE would be excellent. I had no idea, however, that the experience would be as effective, enjoyable and fulfilling as it ultimately proved to be.

Although I am sure that there are many fine programs throughout Spain and Latin America, I personally can't imagine that a better program than Dialogue's exists anywhere.

I would estimate that in terms of grammar, usage and comprehension, my Spanish skills improved in two weeks more than they would have in one entire year of traditional university level language study.

If advancing your language skills in the quickest way possible is your primary goal, then DialoguE Spain is a superb choice.

Marc Desmedt


The most important consequence of learning a new language is that a new person begins to live.

Thank you DialoguE for looking after me.

And thanks also for the good food.

Sunshine Sun


The most important element of learning a new language is thinking in that language, and that is what I now do.

I had not just one, but two very special teachers for two months.

Laurent Gauthier


The ambience and the DialoguE working methods are optimal.

I have been able to progress well, and am leaving with a solid base for the future.

Paul Culley

Council of the European Union

Thank you to the DialoguE team for this first big step into the Spanish language.

I feel that the journey of discovery of the Spanish language, people and culture that I have begun with you will enrich my life in the coming years.

Sven Hansen


Many thanks for the weeks I have spent with you.

I very much enjoy total immersion with your family.

I hope to come back very quickly.

Keiko Hirano


As far as the teaching is concerned, I am pleased. The classes have given me much confidence.

Without doubt, I have improved during this week thanks to the excellent teachers.

Above all, I have enjoyed the family and teachers I have met here.

I want to come back.

See you soon!

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